Nervous System Keynote Speakers

Nervous System
dress  necklace
Art, design, science and technology are the core of the maker movement and few makers represent those aspects more than Nervous System.  Jesse and Jessica will discuss Nervous System’s efforts to revolutionize product design through generative techniques, 3d-printing and interactivity. Along the way, they will take several long detours into the realms of natural pattern formation, simulation, and biology.  The talk will focus on their latest project, Kinematics, a 4D printing technique they created to create complex, foldable forms for 3D printing.

Don’t miss Nervous System or the additional creative makers. Purchase your advance tickets today via Eventbrite.

3 responses to “Nervous System Keynote Speakers

  1. I want to see this. We got a family membership to see this event. When is the keynote presentation?

  2. The flexible “cloth” was totally amazing, considering how it was fabricated.

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