Meet the Maker: Power Racing Series

Season 6 Power Racing Series Liquid Wrench Promo from Power Racing Series on Vimeo.

Engineering, technology, diversity, and above all imagination are at the core of what we represent. We believe that sharing open source knowledge, tools, and tech among inspired makers of all ages and abilities will unlock the solutions to some of the most difficult challenges we face today. The challenge of creating a working electric vehicle for under $500 encourages progressive use of available technology and inspires our teams to help each other, even in the spirit of competition. Above all else, we believe that anyone with the passion and drive to learn will help lead us into the future.

Never welded before? No problem. Not sure which one is the wrench and which one is the screwdriver? We can help you with that. Electronics a mysterious jumble of lights and sounds? Well, it’s time to learn what those lights and sounds do. This is a series made for the motivated beginner. After all, races are more fun when everyone gets to share in our collective fiery mistakes. Queue up your Youtube account with some how-to videos, grab some friends, find the tool kit, invite your niece who’s been playing with Goldie Blox since last summer, buy yourself a full-face helmet, and get to work!

Start with $500 and a Power Wheel. (Or any electric kids’ ride on vehicle.) Get some new batteries. A new motor. Heck, some nice new tires. Tie LEDs to the hood. Sprinkle it with glitter. Maybe a feather for class. Haul it to one of our many races, the locations of which are detailed below. Put it on the track. Race it with other cars for glory and trophies. Laugh, cry, jump in the air, get sprayed with sparkling cider (I mean, this is an all-ages show), put out a fire or two. Have a literal blast. And do it all while learning, sharing tools and technology with your competitors, and pleasing a crowd full of cheering, adoring fans.

See the racers up close and on the go at the Greater Newark Mini Maker Faire!

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