Meet the Makers: Bergen Makerspace


The Bergen Makerspace is community learning center formed in partnership between Bergen County Technical Schools and Bergen Community College.  Come learn new skills through our coursework or exercise your creative side in their open lab settings.

Bergen County Makerspaces’ mission is to develop, grow, and maintain a community in Bergen County dedicated to hands-on learning of all kinds. Bergen County Makerspace strives to be a haven for those interested in any form of creating or “making”. Their spaces are where people come together to learn from and inspire one another.

It’s their goal to facilitate Makers by providing them with the tools and information necessary for them to achieve their goals. They encourage our members to become participant advisers on the projects of others. They are dedicated to providing informative, practical instruction on a diverse range of topics in the form of mini-courses, demonstrations, presentations, and field trips.

Bergen County Makerspace endeavors to become a model of what can be achieved when educational institutions come together to provide access to tools, equipment, and instruction for the betterment of the community.

They encourage anyone interested in Making Things – crafters, artists, inventors, designers, hobbyists, engineers, amateurs, and experts to join us.

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