FILMIDEO Day 3 2016


11th Annual Film and Video Screenings.
Filmideo is a yearly event, that celebrates the great diversity and work of independent filmmakers and video artists from around the globe.

Happening at The Newark Museum in The Billy Johnson Auditorium
Featured Films on Saturday, April 30:

PART I: Works 59 Seconds and Under
(Estimated Start: 6:30 PM)

Reza Golchin: Classmates (Iran)
Eddie Hoon Yang: Flag (USA)
Bon Bon: The Dimension. A Clockwork Humankind (Lithuania)
Aaron Bowles: Immeasurable Distance (USA)
Caspar Below: The End of Ebb and Flow (UK)
Justin Levesque: Sea State-White Horses (Iceland / Maine)
Rob Steinberg: Scatters (Chicago, IL)
Shelley Jordon: Night Flight (Oregon)
Vasilis Karvounis: Chemical Flower (Greece)
Weston Uram: Pretty Life Changing (Vermont)
Aaron Oldenburg: Cho-Am (Maryland)
Amanda Wallace: Post-Instagram, (Untitled #1) USA
Azizi Al Majid: Main Yuk (Let’s Play) Indonesia
Ben Quesnel: You Are Next (NY)
Brandon Bauer: A Short and Incomplete History of Experimental Film and Video (Wisconsin)
Cristina Pavesi: Matter of Weight (Italy)
Daniel Wechsler: Squaring The Circle (Israel)
Domenico Barra: Face Detection (Italy)
Laura Hyunjhee Kim: User Laura (California)
Khalil Charif: Victory (Brazil / France)
Mark Ramos: Eostre of the Dawn (NY)
Matt Dombrowski: Dance of Joy (USA)
Kuesti Fraun: Capacities (Germany)
Kelli McGuire: Wind, Wind (Newark, NJ)
Sarah Schneider: Late Night Programming (USA)
Emilia Izquierdo: The Big Swallow (UK)
Georgia Elizey: My Soul Sleeps (UK)
Heath Schultz: My Queerness… (Texas)
Heejin Jang: Ctrl+$now (NY)
Julia Kurek: Lucha Libre (Poland)
Sarah Granett and Steven Dressler: Blowing in the Grass (NJ / California)
Sarah Granett and Steven Dressler: Have You Ever Heard of David Bowie
Carlo Ferraris: Bang (NY)

(Estimated Start: 7 PM)

Silvana DMikos: The Spirits of Candombe (Uruguay)
Peter Mack: Playing My Favorite Shapes (USA)
Mark Franz: Rocking Mirror (New World Symphony and AIGA)- (Ohio )
Mauricio Saenz: Of Islands and Unicorns (Mexico)
Rui Hu: Metropolitan Triangle Garden (China / USA)
Peter Mack: Alphabet (USA)
Carlo Ferraris: I’m No Longer Obsessed With Winning (NY)
James Chrzan: Conversation In Somerville, MA (Chicago, IL)
Edward Ramsay-Morin: Lithics (USA)
Pik-Shuen Fung: Oceans (NY)
Mark Franz: Body Without Organs (Ohio)
Nancy Wyllie: Reenactments (Rhode Island)
Neil Needleman: Two Landscapes (NY)
Dominique Duroseau: Baldwin’s Nigger and I Listen (Newark, NJ)
Greg Leshé: Flying In The Museum (NJ)

(Estimated Start: 8 PM)

David Bradburn (Fork the Man Productions, LLC/ David E. Tolchinsky): “The Coming of Age” (Chicago, IL)

Yucef Mayes (Shine Black Art & Film, Yendor Productions, Media Arts & Literacy Institute): “Driver” (Orange, East Orange & Newark, South Ward, New Jersey)

(Estimated End time: 9 PM)

Also happening on Saturday, April 10 11 AM – 4 PM at the Newark Museum:
The Greater Newark Mini Maker Faire – A showcase of creativity and innovation in the New Jersey community. The event invites makers (individuals, groups, industries and K-12 to universities) to present their projects that explore DIY (do-it-yourself) thinking, reveal their process and show how materials are pushed to their limits.

Event Sponsored by our neighbors Kilkenny AleHouse and 27 Mix

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