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Meet the Maker: The Dream Project


Who are you in your dreams?
What images do you see?

How would people react to you if they could see?
What if your dreams were …
“Clear As the Dreams on Your Face”?

RoByn Thompson is a Paterson NJ artist who uses her daily painting practice to defy depression and chronic pain. She is an award-winning fine art body painter, photographer and mixed media artist who uses her art to empower herself and others. It is also a method to explore her world and a tool in her search for meaning. RoByn is also the author of several books and the creator of Colors Keep The Darkness Away, a group painting workshop for people dealing with issues of Sadness.


Meet the Maker: Nitjuan Designs

blinging Wire

Bringing positive energy and bling together!

Nitjuan Designs creates wearable art for you and your home including everything from loc jewels to chandeliers. Specializing in custom orders and working with gemstones, crystals, glass, metal and many other materials

Handcrafted wearable art for you and your home infused with loving Reiki energy for the wellbeing of each individual customer.

At the Mini Maker Faire people can learn how to “Bling Wire” to create crocheted and wire-wrapped jewelry, creating a piece of their own to wear.

Meet the Makers: Project U.S.E.’s Boat Building


The Boatbuilding Program is a unique initiative by Project U.S.E. that is presented through a long-term, on-site relationship with participating schools and agencies. Students of middle- or high-school age explore the maritime history of their region and learn the science and art involved in boat building. The Program combines standard curricula, (math, physics, history, etc.) with rigorous and exciting experiential learning—a hallmark of Project U.S.E.’s programs. The Program culminates in the building and launching of wooden canoes or sailboats constructed by the students.