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Meet the Makers: Sparkle Labs


Merging our love of new technology and old-fashioned fun, we develop hi-tech, hi-touch toys and environments to engage children and adults in the workings of the world. With several new lines of eco-friendly electronic and non-electronic products, we continue to provide thoughtful, interactive experiences to a market of curious consumers. Sparkle Labs’ concepts have been recognized by media outlets I.D. Magazine and AIGA and at international exhibitions such as Ubicomp, the Gwang-ju Design Biennale (Korea) and the International Art and Science Exhibition (China). Sparkle Labs is a frequent Make Magazine contributor whose work is featured in the recent book The Best of Make.

Meet the Makers: Lost Art Lacers


LOST ART LACERS OF NORTH JERSEY is an organization of lacemakers and lace enthusiasts based in Northwest New Jersey, USA. Our purpose is to preserve the art and craft of lacemaking, to stimulate interest in and appreciation for all facets of the history, the art and craft of lacemaking.

At our Maker Faire the Lost Art Lacers will give demonstrations of the beautiful art of lacemaking as it has been done for centuries. Using bobbins and a pillow, we weave fine threads in a pattern to create an airy textile. View old and new examples of bobbin lace and spend a few minutes to try your hand at this traditional technique.

Meet the Makers: Eillis Eisner

Peacock feather

Art Therapy is the therapeutic use of art making within a professional relationship, by people who experience illness, trauma, or challenges in living, and by people who seek personal development. Through creating art and reflecting on the art product and processes, people can increase awareness of self and others; cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences; enhance cognitive abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of art-making.

Ellis Eisner is a professional Art Therapist who has been working in the field since January of 2000. She holds the degrees of: Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Rutgers University, where she graduated with highest honors in 1996, and Master of Arts, (MA) in Art Therapy from New York University, from which she graduated in 1999.

Join Ellis on a creative journey at Maker Faire Newark.

Meet the Makers: The Future Project


Our country is uninspired, unfulfilled, and losing hope.

America is supposed to be a place of possibility. But amid major challenges, we’ve become more pessimistic than ever before. Worst of all, millions of young people are growing up hopeless and disengaged, without the belief or the skills they need to lead in the 21st century.

The Future Project works with schools to unlock the limitless potential of every young person in this country.

Meet the Maker: Arts Unbound


Arts Unbound is dedicated to the artistic achievement of people living with disabilities and to the continuing artistic enrichment of seniors. We provide visual arts education and professional development to help emerging artists compete on the retail market. By promoting the work of artists with disabilities and seniors, we center their art-making rather than any impairments and by doing so challenge the stigma associated with disability and aging.


Meet the Makers: New Jersey Blacksmiths Association


The New Jersey Blacksmith Association (NJBA), an affiliated chapter of the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the art and craft of blacksmithing, and to bring both historical and contemporary blacksmithing to the attention of the public. NJBA strives to be an important resource for its members and for the people of New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

The NJBA works to be a valued asset to those interested in blacksmithing. At monthly meetings skills are passed from one smith to another, resources are shared, and an ever-increasing network of smiths forged ever stronger through activities, NJBA serves both, its members and blacksmithing.

Blacksmithing is an integral part of the rich history of the New Jersey area. One goal of the NJBA is to support the efforts of the numerous living history museums in the New Jersey area. The NJBA has been involved with Historic Allaire Village, Orange County Farmstead Museum and many others. The NJBA is committed to building upon the relationships we have made with museums and historical sites. We are always looking to foster new relationships with other locations.

Meet the Makers: NJIT College of Architecture + Design


The College of Architecture and Design (CoAD) is comprised of School of Architecture and School of Art + Design. The College offers undergraduate degrees in architecture, digital design, industrial design and interior design as well as graduate degrees in architecture, infrastructure planning, and urban systems. The College of Architecture and Design is a comprehensive Design School located in a comprehensive research university. By studying design here, you will have ample opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas and interdisciplinary interaction. NJIT offers 126 degree programs through six professional schools and colleges. You can double major, design an interdisciplinary major, opt for an accelerated bachelor’s or master’s degree program, and cross-register at nearby schools such as Rutgers University–Newark.

Meet the Makers: Paper Kids

paper kids

What is this? It’s a program/club building a friendship and leadership through making Origami for teens. Origami is the paper folding art from Asia and had become popular in the states over the years. And kids in NJ are finding it as a tool to build the friendship as well as a valuable tool to help others who are in needs. Origami is the fundamental tool of making art works but adapting other materials and ideas will broaden one’s mind to see how one connects to the others. Paper Kids is a youth group formed by Kevin Ju, Andrew Qin, Kyle Schubert, Brian Yoon (President), Jimmy Yu, and Daniel Woo who have high prospects to educate and share the fun and building a friendship by making origami. Paper kids donate their works to various places, including hospitals, libraries and groups where other kids can enjoy their works. All members have been teaching community members and other kids how to make Origami through workshops and presentations in the libraries, NJ and NY.

Meet the Maker: The Dream Project


Who are you in your dreams?
What images do you see?

How would people react to you if they could see?
What if your dreams were …
“Clear As the Dreams on Your Face”?

RoByn Thompson is a Paterson NJ artist who uses her daily painting practice to defy depression and chronic pain. She is an award-winning fine art body painter, photographer and mixed media artist who uses her art to empower herself and others. It is also a method to explore her world and a tool in her search for meaning. RoByn is also the author of several books and the creator of Colors Keep The Darkness Away, a group painting workshop for people dealing with issues of Sadness.

Meet the Makers: Project SunScope


Since 1981, the North Jersey Astronomical Group has sponsored many activities for the public in Northern New Jersey, including weekly Telescope Nights and a monthly lecture series in the spring and fall plus special events. Tens of thousands of people have discovered the wonders of the Universe through our telescopes!

Which stars will be on view during the Maker Faire? The Sun, of course!