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Maker Depot’s 1st Annual MAKERFEST

Maker Depot

First Annual Makerfest

Sunday, August 28, 2016 | 11 am to 5 pm


We’re looking for everyone Maker, DIY, and STEM related to show off their wares and talents at this rain or shine, outdoor event including: DIY, woodworking, robotics, 3D print, laser cutting, crafting, fabrication and more.  We have space for up to 84, generous 10+’ booths. Your first booth is free, and includes tickets for four. Email us with questions on purchasing additional booth space.

Sponsorship opportunities for banners and advertising are also available.

Download your exhibitor application today.  Booths are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Tickets available soon through Eventbrite! Advance ticket discounts available through August 27.

Click here to purchase tickets today.

Live demonstrations throughout the day!

Partial exhibitor list:

Habitat for HumanityJackie Stier Copper Creations ♦ GirlznDollz ♦ Rusty Old Man Art ♦ Tesla Science Center  ♦ Tech101KidsArtist So Yoon LymIvy Lane Garden Art  ♦ Twisted Creativity ♦ RoByn Thompson Art  ♦ felt.
JP Leathercraft  ♦ Bloxels  ♦  Printed Solid  ♦ Crooked Teeth Keys ♦ JDroids

If you didn’t Make it; here’s what you missed!

Maker Faire 166

Forging Steel

Maker Faire 183

Adorable Droids and tiny humans.

Maker Faire 190

Building a 16 foot Canoe

Maker Faire 169

Toys that are fun, simple, and just a bit dangerous!

Maker Faire 168

Red hot iron

Maker Faire 187

Soaring eagles.

Maker Faire 179

Step-by-Step creation of Action Figures.

Maker Faire 173

Giant puppets!

Maker Faire 180

Some really interesting stuff

Maker Faire 172

And just an amazing day!

Meet the Makers: Edison Makerspace


In the tradition of our community’s namesake the Edison Public Library is proud to announce that it will be incorporating a Makerspace as part of its collection of services to the community. Some of you maybe wondering just what a Makerspace is. Makerspaces as a concept are a little hard to define but generally they can be thought of as creative workshops designed for the community to explore and invent. They align nicely with the current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) movement in education but can include creative crafts and is available to all ages.

In the beginning the Edison Makerspace will be outfitted with an iMac and Makerbot 3D printer and a workbench stocked with hand tools. We will also be including a quilting sewing machine that sews programmed patterns from a template. Furthermore, we also have plans of including video recording capabilities and a keyboard for music composition. Arduino kits and Raspberry Pi kits have also been provided to allow you to explore and design anything from flashing display signs to robots and wearable technology.

Meet the Makers: Towhee LLC


Maker Faire participants can sign up and form teams to meet an all-terrain challenge course using a stock Towhee ArtTech Kinetic Model A vehicle.

This is not your Dad’s pinewood derby. The challengers will need to test, modify, and race-run their Model A cars over various obstacles and terrain. A hybrid of Formula One and Rally racing, all teams will start with 2 stock ArtTech Model A kit cars — everyone starts with the same box of parts.

From there, teams can order up new parts that will be laser cut on-demand. Teams will be judged on: fastest course speed, design innovation, style, and audience appeal.

Meet the Makers: Makerhoods


The Makerhoods© concept is rooted in the fact that well over half the businesses in the US today are home based business and that such employment will likely grow in the future. To harness and amplify this trend, the built environment must be developed to offer spatial work and housing options in a way that is sustainable ecologically and economically.

Our organization is developing affordable places where makers can live and work that encourage new businesses to flourish. Makerhoods© is an urban planning and economic development strategy that unleashes micro-entrepreneurs to strengthen communities through affordable live/work accommodations. Classic living above the shop settings provide street-level commercial workshops and apartment living for Shopkeepers, “Makers” and Creatives in compact walkable urban neighborhoods.


Meet the Makers: Stuart Country Day School


Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, the girls’ PS-12 independent day school in Princeton, NJ, is leading the charge to ensure that Every Child is A Maker! ​Come learn from Stuart tech integrators to see how they incorporate making into the curriculum by infusing design, computational thinking and technology at all levels—from the early years through high school. Classroom projects using 3D printing, laser cutting, circuits and paper engineering will be on display. Learn how to get students excited about exploration, creativity, and collaboration. At Stuart, WeMakeMakers!

Meet the Makers: Bergen Makerspace


The Bergen Makerspace is community learning center formed in partnership between Bergen County Technical Schools and Bergen Community College.  Come learn new skills through our coursework or exercise your creative side in their open lab settings.

Bergen County Makerspaces’ mission is to develop, grow, and maintain a community in Bergen County dedicated to hands-on learning of all kinds. Bergen County Makerspace strives to be a haven for those interested in any form of creating or “making”. Their spaces are where people come together to learn from and inspire one another.

It’s their goal to facilitate Makers by providing them with the tools and information necessary for them to achieve their goals. They encourage our members to become participant advisers on the projects of others. They are dedicated to providing informative, practical instruction on a diverse range of topics in the form of mini-courses, demonstrations, presentations, and field trips.

Bergen County Makerspace endeavors to become a model of what can be achieved when educational institutions come together to provide access to tools, equipment, and instruction for the betterment of the community.

They encourage anyone interested in Making Things – crafters, artists, inventors, designers, hobbyists, engineers, amateurs, and experts to join us.

Visit on Facebook or Twitter

Meet the Makers: Hack N Craft NJ


HackNCraftNJ is a community passionate about DIY electronics, 3D printing, robotics, drones, wearables, crafts and emerging technologies.  As a nonprofit organization, we actively support local STEM education, activities and events, and provide resources at our Makerspace located in Montclair, NJ.

Meet the Maker: Maker Depot


Maker Depot is a 6,000+ square foot member-based workshop for small businesses, entrepreneurs, tradespeople, skilled workers, artists, makers and hobbyists. We provide three types of values:

  • Access to thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tools/machinery;
  • Space for projects big and small;
  • And a vibrant community of like-minded people located in Totowa, NJ. We offer tools and education in many different areas; woodworking, electronics, fabrication and more.

And at our Maker Faire, they’ll have Robotics and Mini-Lightsabers! 

Meet the Makers: F.U.B.A.R. Labs


Fair Use Building and Research (FUBAR) Labs is New Jersey’s First Hackerspace,  established in Highland Park in 2009  and now in New Brunswick since May 2015. FUBAR Labs was formed as a non-profit community based organization with the purpose of bringing makers, hackers, and tinkerers together to collaborate and share ideas and knowledge. We are a community of people with common interests, such as computers, electronics, DIY, software, technology, science, and crafts can meet and collaborate. We are an open community offering classes, workshops, study groups, and long term projects.