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Meet the Makers: Craft Unique


Rapid Prototyping at it’s finest!

Meet the Makers: 5eBoard


5eBoard™, often referred to as “LEGO for electronics projects,” is a brand new platform for STEM education, DIY projects, and product prototyping.

This new system uses LEGO-like building blocks to construct electronic projects. No soldering is involved and all components can be repeatedly used for either different user groups or projects. The simplicity and flexibility of 5eBoard™ make it suitable to the users at all levels, including K-16 students and professionals.

5eBoard™ education kits are specially designed to reflect the 5E instructional model of teaching and learning. Unlike other products, 5eBoard™ education kits use real-world components in all levels. Therefore, the knowledge gained in the beginner level can be extended to college and beyond.

Engage – Explore – Explain – Elaborate – Evaluate

Meet the Makers: Project U.S.E.’s Boat Building


The Boatbuilding Program is a unique initiative by Project U.S.E. that is presented through a long-term, on-site relationship with participating schools and agencies. Students of middle- or high-school age explore the maritime history of their region and learn the science and art involved in boat building. The Program combines standard curricula, (math, physics, history, etc.) with rigorous and exciting experiential learning—a hallmark of Project U.S.E.’s programs. The Program culminates in the building and launching of wooden canoes or sailboats constructed by the students.

Meet the Makers: Harvest Table

Newark’s Harvest Table has led the fresh food evolution downtown.

In 2007, Carissa opened Harvest Table downtown on Halsey Street. Harvest Table offers fresh food, just the way you like it. Their “Create Your Own” concept lets you invent any combination of salad or sandwich toppings you like, and their friendly staff will whip it up for you.
Come bright and early for your morning pick-me-up from their coffee and smoothie bar. They also have FREE Wi-Fi, so bring your computer and log on.

Call them and they’ll have your order ready for pick-up. They’ll even run it out to your car so you don’t have to worry about parking. Or, they’ll deliver to your downtown home or office.

They would also love to cater your next event, so keep them in mind!

Meet The Makers: Project Lead the Way


Project Lead The Way a the leading educational provider for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum for grades K-12. PLTW has a variety of four year programs that cover topics like computers, biomedical science, and engineering. The Bethlehem Area School District will be offers courses in the Engineering and Biomedical Science programs. Those courses are offered at Freedom High School, as well as Liberty High School. Our classes use current technology to give our students a head start on using equipment used by modern engineers and scientists.

At the Faire participants can learn about 1 point and 2 point perspective drawings. Those who accomplish the goal will take home a 3D printed version of their drawn item. Project Lead the Way will also provide puzzle cubes to puzzle over and robotics to play with.

Last Chance! Maker Applications Due April 1st!

The Greater Newark Mini Maker Faire is a showcase of creativity and innovation in the New Jersey community. The event invites makers (individuals, groups, industries and K-12 to universities) to present their projects that explore DIY (do-it-yourself) thinking, reveal their process and show how materials are pushed to their limits.

Whether it’s science explorations, woodworking, robotics, beekeeping or e-textiles this event will explore it all with the Museum’s art and science collection as the ultimate ‘maker’ examples.

If you have a project that explores D.I.Y., or shows people how they can make things themselves, we’d love to have you apply. If you are a Young Maker under the age of 18, please have your (adult) project mentor submit your project for you.

Join us for a Maker Meet Up

Sign up here to Meet Up!

If you want to create a viable business from your Maker passion, this is the meeting for you. In leading up to the Greater Newark Mini Maker Faire, we will host our next meetup on April 14th at 6 PM at the Newark Museum located on 49 Washington St, Newark, NJ. We will be introducing a new live/work project planned for Newark called Makerhoods which will offer you affordable living and working space. We will also have speakers discussing micro loans for makers so you can truly get your maker business off the ground. We will also get a tour of the soon-to-be opened Makerspace at the Newark Museum.

Meet the Maker: Power Racing Series

Season 6 Power Racing Series Liquid Wrench Promo from Power Racing Series on Vimeo.

Engineering, technology, diversity, and above all imagination are at the core of what we represent. We believe that sharing open source knowledge, tools, and tech among inspired makers of all ages and abilities will unlock the solutions to some of the most difficult challenges we face today. The challenge of creating a working electric vehicle for under $500 encourages progressive use of available technology and inspires our teams to help each other, even in the spirit of competition. Above all else, we believe that anyone with the passion and drive to learn will help lead us into the future.

Never welded before? No problem. Not sure which one is the wrench and which one is the screwdriver? We can help you with that. Electronics a mysterious jumble of lights and sounds? Well, it’s time to learn what those lights and sounds do. This is a series made for the motivated beginner. After all, races are more fun when everyone gets to share in our collective fiery mistakes. Queue up your Youtube account with some how-to videos, grab some friends, find the tool kit, invite your niece who’s been playing with Goldie Blox since last summer, buy yourself a full-face helmet, and get to work!

Start with $500 and a Power Wheel. (Or any electric kids’ ride on vehicle.) Get some new batteries. A new motor. Heck, some nice new tires. Tie LEDs to the hood. Sprinkle it with glitter. Maybe a feather for class. Haul it to one of our many races, the locations of which are detailed below. Put it on the track. Race it with other cars for glory and trophies. Laugh, cry, jump in the air, get sprayed with sparkling cider (I mean, this is an all-ages show), put out a fire or two. Have a literal blast. And do it all while learning, sharing tools and technology with your competitors, and pleasing a crowd full of cheering, adoring fans.

See the racers up close and on the go at the Greater Newark Mini Maker Faire!

Filmideo @ the Newark Museum

indexartFILMIDEO 2016
The 11th Annual Film and Video Screening’s final night will take place just as the Greater Newark Mini Maker Faire wraps up!
Filmideo is a yearly event, that celebrates the great diversity and work of independent filmmakers and video artists from around the globe. Since 2006, “Filmideo” has been organized as an annual event to promote video and film formats in a fine arts exhibition environment. For eleven consecutive years, over 10,000 attendees have been given the opportunity to view a variety of digital media expressing many different narratives and socio-political currencies. “Filmideo” is an open-ended discourse that educates visitors via the multiplicity of narratives as illuminated in the video and film selections presented each year.

Screenings: 6 – 10pm

  • Index Art Center: April 16 and 23
  • Newark Museum: April 30

Index Art Center / Filmideo
237 Washington Street
Newark, NJ, 07102

Stay up-to-date with Filmideo on Facebook.

Meet the Makers: F.U.B.A.R. Labs


Fair Use Building and Research (FUBAR) Labs is New Jersey’s First Hackerspace,  established in Highland Park in 2009  and now in New Brunswick since May 2015. FUBAR Labs was formed as a non-profit community based organization with the purpose of bringing makers, hackers, and tinkerers together to collaborate and share ideas and knowledge. We are a community of people with common interests, such as computers, electronics, DIY, software, technology, science, and crafts can meet and collaborate. We are an open community offering classes, workshops, study groups, and long term projects.